Leon L. Brogden, Sr. was born August 26, 1910 in Wake County, North Carolina. He attended Wake Forest College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Medicine in 1932. He began his coaching career in 1935 in Edenton, NC. One year later he took over the coaching duties in Wilson, NC. After a successful nine-year stint in Wilson, Coach Brogden moved to New Hanover High School in Wilmington. Through his forty years of coaching, Coach Brogden was associated with more that fifty-five championships. He coached two State Championship teams in football, one in Baseball and won eight State Crowns in Basketball.

Coach Brogden is one of the greatest names in the annals of North Carolina Prep Athletics, and was the first high school coach to be selected to the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. He is also a charter member of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and the North Carolina Athletic Directors’ Association. He retired as Athletic Director of the New Hanover County School System in 1976. In 1988, Coach Brogden was picked by North Carolina High School Administrators, Athletic Directors, and coaches as the man who contributed the most to high school athletics in the state.

Coach Brogden was a master teacher and coach both on and off the playing field and court. He can best be described as intelligent, innovative, compassionate, humble and godly. Coach was a true winner in every aspect of his life.

Coach Brogden passed away October 1, 2000.

Simply put: Coach Brogden was the “Best Of The Best” in North Carolina!!

The field of athletics has produced no finer example for us to honor.