Lawrence Cook





Lawrence Cook was a star pitcher for the Spotford Mills team in the late 1040’s and early 1050’s. He pitched several no hitters and helped lead his team to many victories. He was a member of the 1951 All Star Team representing Wilmington in the Southeastern North Carolina Tournament.

Mr. Cook is best known for his accomplishments in golf in the 1950’s and 1960’s. In 1957 Cook became the Pro at the Municipal Golf Course and remained there until his retirement in 1990. Sarah his wife handled the pro shop and Lawrence maintained the course for 33 years. During that time Cook won numerous titles including…..Top amateur in the Azalea Open 1952 and 1955, North Carolina Amateur tournament champion 1953, 1954 and 1955, Wilmington City Open Champion 1950, 1951, 1954, 1955, and 1956, Star News Advertisers Tournament Champion 1949, Wilmington Municipal Club Champion 1952 and runner up in 1954, Carolinas PGA Tournament Champion in 1952, Runner up in 1961 and 1964, Carolinas Open Champion in 1953 and Pine Valley Championship runner up in 1956.

Cook played in all 23 Azalea Opens, the former PGA Tour stop in Wilmington. Cook often worked through the darkest hours of the night and early morning at the Muni before driving over to Cape Fear to tee off in the tournaments.

Mr. Cook holds the course record of 63 at the Wilmington Municipal Golf Course since the mid 1950’s He had broken his own records by shooting 68, then 67 and then 66.

Mr. Cook passed away November 9, 1999.