Jim attended high school at Shelbyville High School in Shelbyville, Indiana.  While there, he played football, basketball, baseball, golf and tennis. In his senior year he was awarded the Paul Cross Award for best basketball player.

He then received a full scholarship to Atlantic Christian College in Wilson, NC where he played four years of varsity basketball.  During his senior year in college he played while also serving as assistant coach and Jr Varsity coach.

After graduating from college, Hebbe entered the U. S. Army and served in several coaching positions.  He served as basketball and football coach and also ran a Post Recreation Department in Mannheim, Germany.  After his Army stint, Hebbe came to Wilmington in 1957.

He says “his biggest pleasure in coaching is to see former players return to the community, making a living in any capacity, happy, and a part of the community.  One of the nicest things now that I’m getting older is to see these kids being successful in life’s work.  Hopefully, they have learned some of those lessons in basketball. ”

Hebbe’s first job was at Tileston Junior High.  Later, he became coach at Roland Grise.  He was named head coach at Hoggard High School in 1967, when the school opened.

Hebbe won four basketball titles and two football championships while at Roland Grice.  While at Tileston, he coached the Demons to three basketball championships.  His 1969-70 team finished runner-up in the 4A state tournament in Greensboro.  The Vikings gained the final round of eight again 72 – 73.

Sports isn’t everything to Hebbe.  He attempts to keep his life in order.  And winner isn’t everything.  “First of all God, then country, then family, the school (academics) and last sports to me,” said Hebbe.  “I think this is pretty good.  If I can teach a kid to be competitive in all phases of life, then that is my job.  It doesn’t really matter whether you win or lose.”